Magical Gem – Mystical Lake Casino Hotel

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel is a high class and luxurious accommodation place. With its majestic snow capped mountain, thrilling glacial glaciers and pristine lakes it truly offers an experience of a lifetime to the gamblers and tourists. Many times it is a unique pleasure to stay in the opulent surroundings of the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and experience the majestic ambiance of the place. Known as the “Queen of Hotel Rock” it has the most beautiful rooms available anywhere in the world.

mystic lake casino hotel rooms

Like every casino of this scale, each of the rooms are decorated with elegance and class. Most of the rooms have bathroom and fully equipped kitchen to prepare all types of meals. The rooms have comfortable beds and a television set that can show live channels all day long. In addition to this the hotel also has a coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, telephone and other modern conveniences that a guest deserves. To make the best use of the room services offered by the hotel is a must.

Another feature that one can get from the casino hotel is excellent transportation. There are plenty of taxis waiting to pick up their passengers at the premises and leave them at their destination as soon as possible. Therefore it makes for a hassle free trip to and from the casino.

The casino hotel has a number of wonderful restaurants serving hearty food to all kinds of hungry guests. The guests can also avail of other delicious dishes if they so wish. Some of the famous restaurants serving this kind of food include the Mandarin Restaurant, City Club, Smoothie Studio, Bondage Room, Mai Ngan, Seafood Express, and many more.

The rooms offer elegant decor and an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. The rooms are well furnished with luxurious furnishings and many are also furnished with other luxury facilities such as TV sets, DVD players, home theatre system, compact TV’s, and many more. These rooms are also equipped with great gadgets and attractive frills.

The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel has also built an upscale hotel right in the middle of the casino land. This exclusive place is the Emerald Lounge.

The Emerald Lounge is located on the casino site. It is a rare combination of the casino and hotel and it is open only during the casino days. It has some of the best and the finest suites available on the place.

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel is a magical land where the visitors and gamblers can just relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery. It is the ultimate dream and fantasy for the gamblers who love to indulge themselves in exotic, thrilling and exciting games.