Mystic Lake Casino Hotel Events

The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel offers a world-class gambling destination for everyone. Each year, the hotel plays host to high-profile events that are sure to get everyone’s attention. This includes the annual Star Wars Day that occurs in the month of May. Star Wars Week, held in May and kicks off with a grand Opening Celebration where the hotel hosts its very own Star Wars -themed party.

mystic lake casino hotel events

The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Marina also have one of the most impressive Star Wars shows in the universe. Over four hundred guests are invited to attend this event that showcases an exciting procession of Star Wars -themed entertainment and theatre presentations.

With the event in May, it is only fitting that this spectacular event is held at the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Marina. The live music will be provided by L.A.K. Band, who has been hired to perform a series of musical shows at this event.

The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Marina also put on one of the most anticipated afterparties of the year in September. On this special night, the casino hosts a series of cocktail receptions, a formal dinner and an intimate sit down dinner.

Because of the proximity of this wonderful resort to Los Angeles International Airport, the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Marina is home to the largest number of aviation-related events of any of the casinos in Southern California. These activities include VIP parties, ticketed events and special appearances by some of the aviation industry’s most respected guests. The casino is also a great place to go for photo opportunities at many of these events.

In addition to being host to many of the city’s most exciting events, the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Marina are also home to a variety of activities for those who enjoy gambling. When the holidays roll around, this casino offers incredible deals on both casino gaming and casino slots for every style of gambling enthusiasts. Many of the events that take place on these nights are attended by celebrities and dignitaries from around the world.

The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Marina have become a favorite stop for those who visit Southern California. With its beautiful location on the crystal clear waters of Mystic Lake, it has become a popular winter home for movie stars and Hollywood royalty. For anyone seeking a place to stay that is tranquil, beautiful and fun, this is a great option.

As the holiday season approaches, be sure to plan your trip to the resort that is known for offering top class entertainment for visitors of all ages. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or an exciting night of gambling, the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Marina offer the perfect place to relax, unwind and have fun.