Mystic Lake Casino Hotel – A Point in Time Resort

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel is situated on a quiet suburban street in the rural village of Mystic, Colorado. The hotel’s accommodations consist of hotel rooms and suites located in spacious apartments. There are no private residences to disturb your peaceful sleep.

mystic lake casino hotel rooms

I would start with the top of the hill just outside the entrance to Mystic Village. You will find two houses, both elegant and homely, looking out over the winding street and fields that go down to the lake. The hotel’s suite are within a short distance of these two famous houses. The hotel rooms and suites are located in the central part of the complex, near the tennis courts.

A quick check of the map will show you the position of the hotel’s restaurant and saloon. A quick trip across the road will take you directly to the hotel bars, restaurants and the casino. The lobby is centrally located to allow the guests to enter and exit at ease.

A three star resort has rooms, each with the luxury of a kitchenette, telephone, microwave, coffee maker, TV and internet access. The rooms also include, a personal bathroom with shower, an independent air conditioning system, linen service, evening magazine, and a self catering refrigerator.

The bedrooms are the size of double rooms, with a private bath and television, with linen service. The rooms are located in a separate building and contain their own telephone, flat screen, microwave, fridge, wardrobe, TV and computer terminals.

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel is unique in many ways, but only the Mystic Hotel feels like you are on vacation. The Mystic Hotel is situated on the waterfront of the Mystic River.

The Mystic Hotel includes eight individually owned condos, each with their own private balcony, pool, and private lounge. The apartments have the feel of an apartment with fully equipped kitchens, secure locks and rooms with hardwood floors, windows, private baths, plush carpeting, large closets, and of course, their own private balcony, pool, and lounge!